Abizo® MARK

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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) along with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), released new guidelines for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Philippine workplaces, including requiring all employees to submit a daily health report to their employer. 

With Abizo® MARK (Mobile Attendance Record Keeper) also known as the DTR or Daily Time Record will not only help you keep track of your workforce attendance but will also assist you in monitoring our employees’ health and providing solutions for your company in complying with these new guidelines from DTI and DOLE.

This is Abizo® MARK

Your One Stop Solution for Contactless DTR

Abizo® MARK is a web- and mobile-based system that supports DTR or daily time recording of your employees. The system records an employee’s daily time-in and time-out using contactless DTR methods such as using a facial biometric scan with liveness check and location stamp or QR Code from the employee’s mobile device.

Daily Health Form Compliance as of May 2020

Simplify your compliance with government-mandated (DTI & DOLE) Daily Health Reports, which are conveniently available on the Abizo® PRO mobile app. This will allow you to easily collate Daily Health Forms of your employees while staying compliant with current government regulations and data privacy laws.

Multi-site Capability

Abizo® MARK not only allows you to monitor your workforce DTR while in the office but also while they work from home and off-site remotely. Essentially, It provides time keeping inside and outside your office with our multi-device capability – kiosk or terminal-type for on-premise set-up and via Abizo® Pro for field personnel. It also consolidates time reports from multiple locations and multiple device. The Abizo® MARK Kiosk can even take and record a person’s body temperature that complements all digital solutions requirements.

Easy Payroll Integration

Abizo® MARK can be easily integrated into your payroll systems as soon as you are onboarded. You or your Human Resources Managers or Administrators can view the dashboard in real time, and even generate Reports as needed, immediately increasing efficiency and  productivity by digitising and automating record-keeping.

Secure Cloud Access

You need not worry about tampering and potential security breaches with Abizo MARK–all of your data is stored securely in the cloud and is protected server side by Amazon S3-Managed Encryption Keys (SSE-S3). Being stored securely on the cloud means that you can access your company’s data anytime, anywhere!

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